My Stretch Goal for the Year 2


CC image Guitar music, much worn and weathered. byLouise Soe at Flickr
  • Role –Composer
  • Goal – My goal is to learn how and be able to become a good composer.
  • Why – I want to learn how and be able to be a composer for films because I love both music and film and being able to do something that combines them would be great.
  • How – I will achieve my goal by learning about composure and learning about using and creating the right composition for a certain scene.
  • When – I will practice composing and  writing when we get the practice time in class and whenever I can at home.
  • Resources – I’m probably going to need something like a book or a website that will help me learn music composition.
  • Milestones – In a month I want to be able to know exactly what notes sound good with one another and the basics of music composure. In about a year I hope that I will have learned a lot about music composition in film and have created at least two short compositions that were put into a small high school film.
  • Heroines / Heroes – Hans Zimmer is a very talented composer. He has composed all of the soundtracks for all of The Pirates of The Caribbean movies.  A few more of his works include The Amazing Spider-Man 2 soundtrack, the soundtrack for Gladiator, The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack and the soundtrack for Interstellar. He has also composed for movies like Days of Thunder, Hannibal, Hidden Figures, Rain Man,  all three Kung Fu Panda movies, The Lion King, Dunkirk, Man of Steel, The Last Samurai and so many more.

You can learn more about Han Zimmer here:

You can learn more about the films he has composed for here:

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