David Fincher WHAT-WHY-HOW

WHAT: David Fincher locks you on to the characters movements

WHY: He wants to make you feel connected to the character

HOW: He makes the camera match the movement of the actor


Sort the rest:

  • uses camera tilts, pans and
  • behavior over time
  • the camera moving with the characters connects their emotions
  • David Fincher gives himself challenges and  does not use hand held cameras, the sense of a human controlling the camera, doesn’t cut to a close up unless he needs to, and never moves the camera if he can help it.
  • Even without sound you can tell what the characters feeling
  • good at using emptiness
  • he shows power relationship change with a single scene
  • used the same color pallet
  • “weird” characters
  • true trademark is deception (he’s the master of deception)
  • CG effects
  • accurate  history
  • makes you understand where you are
  • values distance and depth
  • mostly uses blue screens and CG effects
  • takes an insane amount of takes and shots
  • he is all about detail
  • uses very advanced technology
  • gives you the harsh truth in movies
  • he tells you/controls how and what to feel
  • uses body language very well to make you feel and think a certain way
  • even without dialoge he get his point across
  • shoots with wide angles
  • perspective is everything
  • uses close ups to play with the audiences thoughts and emotions
  • obsessive compulsive perfectionist
  • takes an insane amount of shots
  • used split composition time remapping
  • uses low contrast lighting
  • uses bleak/darker color paletes
  • louder background makes the audience listen harder to the dialogue


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